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Corrosion Science

Corrosion is a natural process of deterioration or loss of a material caused by chemical, electrochemical and other reactions with its environment. Corrosion of metal occurs when an exposed surface comes in contact with a gas or liquid and the process is accelerated by exposure to high temperatures, acids, and salts. Corrosion of various metals and nonmetals takes place due to the gradual environmental interaction on the material surface. The structures and facilities of different materials are affected by this interaction.

Corrosion Inhibitor
The prevention and mitigation of metallic corrosion is a grand challenge. The use of corrosion inhibitor in various corrosive media is one of the most promising approaches to protect the metallic structures. In this regard, environment friendly non-toxic organic molecules are the potential candidate as corrosion inhibitors.

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Anti-Corrosion Coating
Corrosion resistant coatings protect metal components against deterioration Anti-corrosion coatings allow for added protection of metal surfaces and acts as a barrier to inhibit the contact with various corrosive environments.

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