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Salivary Fluoride Detection Kit: an indigenous way to diagnose human fluorosis

Background: Twenty states in India is currently suffering from fluorosis due to excess accumulation of fluoride. Literature reveals that excess fluoride concentration in human body can cause urolithiasis (kidney stone). Therefore an easy-instant-economic sensor kit is highly essential for detection of fluoride level.

Challenge: As of now measurement of fluoride level in human body is performed by testing blood specimens. Our target was to make the whole procedure easy and painless towards measurement of fluoride concentration. We envisioned that if the salivary fluoride level could be measured then people will have the idea about the fluoride level which enters in their body. Any food substance we consume first comes in contact with saliva; therefore measurement of salivary fluoride level could be the key factor towards quick detection of fluoride level which enters into the human body.

Achievement: To the best of our knowledge, for the first time CSIR-CMERI have prepared salivary fluoride detection kit at an affordable cost. The diagnosis will be solely on human saliva and however it should not be generalized as fluoride detection from water. The Salivary Fluoride detection kit will diagnose fluoride level in saliva by colorimetric method. The provided color scale has been developed after a thorough standardization. Unlike costly-corrosive chemosensor, this chemosensor is low cost, very easy to synthesize, non toxic and non corrosive in nature. Apart from solution kit, a sensor station has been designed and fabricated by synchronization of colorimetric response with electronics. This sensor station could be deployed in any rural health centre or primary school as a kiosk for batch scale analysis of saliva specimen.

Methodology:A very easy and consumer friendly guideline has been provided with the kit by which any non-expertise can check fluoride level in their own saliva. The methodology is shown here by pictorial diagram. Initially the patients have to spit in vial-1 then add the solution from vial-2 into vial-1. Mix it and shake for 5 seconds. The obtained color transition has to be then compared with the provided color scale. The color scale will indicate whether the patient is safe or unsafe in terms of fluoride level. After treatment the vial-2 (containing saliva and chemosensor) has to be discarded in sanitary pan. Soap paper is also supplied inside the kit for washing of hands after testing.

Ref: Indian patent granted on 25-05-2018, Patent number: IN201611039325

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